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Greenland Business Association (GBA) has been representing the interests of business life in Greenland since 1966, and now counts around 350 companies with approximately 7,000 employees among its members, drawn from all business sectors in the country – from small and medium-sized companies to large firms that operate on the international markets. Overall, GBA is organised under 10 industry committees.

We are thus Greenland’s principal trade organisation, as we represent both the vast majority of companies in the country and approximately 80% of Greenland’s overall business turnover.

As a result, GBA occupies a central position in the labour market, as well as in relation to the country’s political leadership and public authorities.

GBA has all of Greenland as its workplace, with the clear goal of creating the best possible framework for the business community. This means that membership of GBA is the key to influencing business development, and provides direct access to a community of colleagues, which gives strength.

Meanwhile, GBA also acts as a knowledge centre with regards to the possibilities and conditions applying to the business community. The GBA secretariat is at your service with advice all year round – whether your questions concern small, practical issues, or problems of a more demanding legal or financial nature.

In other words, GBA is a modern organisation with member service, lobbying activities and consultancy as its central activities. But business development is also very much on our agenda. Business development, seen from a social perspective. For this reason, we organise a rising number of courses, conferences, information activities, study groups and delegations abroad.

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