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Ordinary membership

Become a member of Greenland Business Associaton

Membership of GBA provides a range of benefits in various areas, both in terms of direct membership service in Greenland and through GBA partners in Denmark.

The GBA secretariate employs a number of consultants, who can offer:

  • general information about business in Greenland
  • legal and financial advice
  • analyses and statistical studies
  • invitations to courses and conferences as well as invitations to company visits and participation in Greenlandic business delegations
  • news via e-mail and the members’ magazine Aurora

Ordinary membership of GBA requires that the company is registered with a Greenlandic CVR number, and that the company’s management is physically located in Greenland. A basic membership fee is paid, plus a further payroll-dependent fee.

Registration fee: 1,000 DKK. Hereafter a yearly basic fee and payroll-dependent fee is paid on a quarterly basis. The membership fees for Q2 2023 to Q1 2025 are: 

Membership fees as of Q2 2023

IndustryBasic Fee Payroll-dependent fee per year for payrolls exceeding 1,000,000 DKK
Construction *1,500DKK0,5 %
Electricity, Plumbing and Heating**1,500DKK0,5 %
Mineral Exploration and Extraction*1,500DKK0,5 %
Technical Advisors *1,500DKK0,5 %
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism ***1,500DKK0,5 %
Liberal Professions1,500DKK0,5 %
IT, Communications and Media1,500DKK0,5 %
Service and Transportation1,500DKK0,5 %
Fiskeri and Exports1,500DKK0,5%

*        Optional membership of Confederation of Danish Industries
**      Optional membership of Tekniq
***    Mandatory membership of HORESTA

Until January 1 2025 the payroll-dependent fee is paid based on payrolls up to 113.5m DKK. Hereafter the fee is adjusted according to the consumer price index.

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