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2. April 2024

At the heart of Greenland’s industrial and cultural development, you find Inussuk A/S, a company whose commitment and vision have influenced Greenland. Through a unique collaboration between V2X and Permagreen Greenland A/S, Inussuk A/S was created to utilize and safeguard Greenland’s resources and talent, especially concerning the maintenance of Pituffik Space Base (PSB). This joint venture is driven by the “Greenland First” initiative, a vision to prioritize local recruitment, training of apprentices, and strengthening the Greenlandic community

The success story of Inussuk A/S began with a political desire for Greenland to maximize the benefits of the maintenance contract with PSB. With its strong background and innovative approach, this vision became a reality when Inussuk A/S won the contract. The company has since worked hard to create jobs for the Greenlandic workforce and develop local skills to fulfill this important contract. By expanding the local apprenticeship program, technical education and in-house skills are further strengthened, contributing to the growth and development of the community.

Inussuk A/S is also committed to being an integral part of the Greenlandic business community by promoting local procurement and collaboration. This includes supporting local suppliers and subcontractors, which creates additional economic activity and strengthens the local business community.

The company’s employees, many of whom have long tenures at the base, have built strong ties with local communities, promoting a mutual cultural exchange. This commitment is demonstrated through the Greenland Heritage Week event, which celebrates Greenlandic culture with activities such as dog sled races and traditional trading. These initiatives strengthen the community and create a sense of pride and belonging among employees.

The operation of Pituffik Space Base poses unique challenges, especially concerning the Arctic climate. Inussuk A/S overcomes these challenges through careful planning, close collaboration with customers and partners, and a deep respect for local weather conditions and limited resources. Despite the logistical challenges of operating in the Arctic, Inussuk A/S ensures efficiency and reliability in all aspects of their services, from airport traffic to electricity and heat supply.

Healthcare and the operation of the infirmary at the base are ensured through a well-equipped hospital where both locals and employees can receive treatment. This collaboration with the Greenlandic healthcare system illustrates the dedication of Inussuk A/S to ensuring a high quality of life for everyone on the base.

Inussuk A/S’ commitment to education and talent development is evident in its collaboration with business schools and educational programs. Through its apprenticeship program, young people develop personal and professional skills essential for their own and Greenland’s future growth.

The company constantly seeks to improve and expand its operations through technological innovations and new methods. The collaboration with Tusass on a new satellite connection to the base is just one example of Inussuk A/S’ innovative approach to improving its operations and services.

The future looks bright for Inussuk A/S, whose ambitions and plans include continued dialog and collaboration with customers and partners to ensure satisfaction and growth. By strengthening its foundation of competence development and collaborations, Inussuk A/S is well on its way to becoming an even greater force in Greenland’s economic and social development.

Cosmos & Co.