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Månedens virksomhed

Business of the Month: Galleri Glas og Ramme

19. April 2024

In the heart of Nuuk, you find Galleri Glas og Ramme (Gallery Glass and Frames). This thriving business has not only shaped the landscape of Greenlandic art and framing but also bears witness to a unique journey of a man’s lifelong passion for craftsmanship and culture. Founded in 1973 by Roar Christiansen, the business is more than a commercial venture; it is the culmination of a life journey spanning continents and cultures, finally taking root in Greenlandic society.

Roar Christiansen’s story begins in Koldby Kaas on the Danish island of Samsø, where he was born in 1939. His childhood was characterized by great change, including a childhood divided between Denmark and France during and after World War II. During a summer visit to his aunt and uncle in Frederiksberg, next to Copenhagen, Roar first became acquainted with the glazier profession. This meeting laid the foundation for his future career, although he didn’t know it then.

Driven by a sense of adventure and an attraction to the unknown, Roar decided in 1961 to leave France and his family behind and travel to Greenland to serve his Danish military service. This decision marked the beginning of a deep attachment to the country. After his military service, Roar stayed in Greenland, working in various carpentry positions and later establishing his workshop and business in Nuuk.

Galleri Glas og Ramme started as a framing business but quickly expanded to include a gallery selling Greenlandic art. The business grew steadily, and in 1985, the gallery moved to its current location at Tuapannguit 8, where Roar could realize his vision of a dedicated gallery. This significant development also opened up new opportunities for growth and involvement in the art world.

An interest in Greenlandic art has been central to Roar’s work. The gallery presents a diverse range of artworks from local and international artists, all sharing motifs related to Greenland. These works range from traditional landscape paintings to modern abstractions that interpret Greenlandic culture and nature. Roar emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting Greenlandic art, not only as part of Greenland’s cultural heritage but also as an investment for the future.

With over half a century of experience, Roar is optimistic about the future. He is ready to adapt to new market conditions and continue to support Greenlandic arts and crafts. He also plans to continue his work to engage with the local community and support emerging artists exploring their creative potential.

Roar Christiansen’s life and business are testaments to the deep connection between personal passion and cultural heritage. Galleri Glas og Ramme is not just a place for art and craft; it is a place where stories from around the world and across generations meet and thrive.

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