Arctic Circle Scenarios-2


28. August 2022

Greenland Business Association and Arctic Economic Council hosted a session at Arctic Circle Greenland Forum, where some of the necessary steps that Greenland will have to address going forward were presented by an expert panel.

The topics in focus were:

? Education & Demographics
⚡ Energy
? Alliances
? Sustainability & Climate 

Among the conclusions were, that Greenland will have to continuously adapt to the global agenda and the increasingly high demands of the international society – including the investors – in terms of sustainability. But we also need to be aware of the future risks of not making the right decisions now.

Greenland has a lot of potential to become a key global player in the future. We posess many of the commodities that will be high in demand in the future, including REE’s and green energy. But we need to address our education level, speed up in terms of sustainability and start working on the necessary political reforms in order to not fall behind.

We need to develop our existing partnerships while establishing new ones and in the process be inspired by how things are done elsewhere in the world.

Thank you to Malik Hegelund Olsen, Palle Christiansen, Maria Ackrén, Martin Kviesgaard and Aaja Chemnitz Larsen for participating in the talks on stage and to Christian Keldsen and Mads Qvist Frederiksen for moderating the debate.

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